CS 1110 Introduction to Computing using Java Grade: letter or S/U Fall 2008
8546 TR 09:05 Hollister B14 Instructor: David Gries 4 credits
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The Academic Excellence Workshop (AEW) offers an opportunity for students to gain additional experience with CS100 course concepts in a cooperative learning environment. Research has shown that cooperative and collaborative methods promote higher grades, greater persistence, and deeper comprehension. For example, statistics in one year showed that in the courses that had an AEW component, students who took the AEW component averaged a .3 higher grade over those that didn't, even though the average SAT score of those who took the AEQ component was lower.

AEW is not a remedial course. The material studied in the workshop is at or above the level of the regular course. The AEW carries one S/U credit based on participation and attendance. You will be allowed three non-excused absences. The time committment is two hours per week in the lab --there is no homework.

The CS1110 AEW program is not required, and in fact there are not enough sections to handle everyone. However, consider joining an AEW section if you are looking for better ways to study and like studying in a group. AEW is a wonderful opportunity to get extra help on course topics in a small-group setting and to meet other students.

Your fellow undergraduate students who are familiar with the CS1110 material teach the sessions with material that they prepare. The CS1110 staff provides guidance and support, but they do not actually teach the AEW course content or any session.

Each workshop can accommodate up to 16 students. 

For more information on the AEW program, including a list of AEW sections, see this webpage.