Thursday, September 15, 2005
G01 Biotech Bldg
Reception at 6:30pm in Biotech Atrium

Computer Science
Fall 2005

Distinguished Career Lecture Series

Daphne Koller
Stanford University

From Distributed Systems to Systems Biology
(and other things)

In this lecture, I will describe a journey through research, which started out with work on distributed systems, continued through game theory to probability theory and decision theory, moved to probabilistic graphical models and statistical learning, and then gradually shifted to focus more and more on making sense of complex data in real-world applications such as machine perception and systems biology.  I will talk about the common threads that connect these topics, and why this seemingly random progression through research may make some sense after all.  I will also discuss some of the choices I made over time, and describe some lessons I learned from my mentors, and lessons I learned from my students.