1998 - 1999 CS Annual Report    Table of Contents

Message from the Dean & Chair
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Department of Computer Science
Robert L. Constable, Chair
4130 Upson Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY  14853

Voice: (607)255-7316
Fax: (607)255-4428
email: chair@cs.cornell.edu


Faculty Advisor & Editor:
David Gries

Publication Editior:
Lizbeth Henson

Design & Layout Editor:
Lizbeth Henson

Editorial & Photo Assistant:
Laurie Buck
Karla Consroe 






Cornell in the Information Age
Computer Graphics
The Cornell Theory Center 

Corporate Interactions

Industrial Partnerships
Industrial Partners
Corporate Gifts and Grants


Science Fair - BOOM '99
Awards and Honors

Student Data

Courses and Enrollment Statistics
Degrees Granted
Educational Statistics


Funded Research
Pending Proposals
Collaborative Research
Pending Collaborative Research
Interests/Professional Activities of Faculty & Research Scientists


Faculty, Research and Academic Visitors
Administrative Staff
Technical Staff

Computing Facilities
Colloquium and Seminar Speakers

Technical Reports
Lectures by Students
Publications by Students