The Project Directors.

Kenneth Birman Robbert van Renesse
Horus Project, Isis Toolkit, Fault-Tolerance Practice and Theory, Distributed Systems, Security,
Editor in chief of ACM TOCS.
Distributed computing, fault tolerance, group communication, replication, security

The Researchers and Staff

Bela Ban Werner Vogels Tim Clark
Researcher - Network Management, Meta object protocols Researcher - distributed operating systems, real-time systems, high-speed cluster networks, internetworking Staff - Ensemble Release Manager, Ensemble Support

The Students

Xiaoming Liu Oznur Ozkasap Zhen Xiao
Reliable high-performance distributed systems, formal methods Distributed computing, group communication, bimodal multicast, parallel and distributed real-time computing Scalable reliable multicast, Ensemble protocol toolkit, security, flow control.

Former Group Members and Visitors

Mark Hayden Michael Kalantar Guerney Hunt Dave Cooper Roy Friedman
Ensemble Large scale ordered multicast Flow control for multicast protocols in local area networks. Security, privacy, distributed computing, mobile computing. Distributed systems, group communications, cluster computing, distributed soft real-time applications, CORBA
David Karr Kathy Guo Takako Hickey Alexey Vaysburd Ohad Orodeh
Formal specification, verification, custom-built protocol stacks, temporal logic, weak consistency. Networking, reliable multicast, scalable virtual synchronous multicast, light-weight groups Distributed Systems, Communications Protocols, Flow Control, Resource Management Horus Object Tools, Maestro C++ Toolkit and IIOP software Secure Group Communication.
mike reiter
Silvano Maffeis Mike Reiter Brad Glade
Distributed Object Systems, OMG CORBA, Object Groups, Object Replication, Electra ORB Secure distributed computing, key management, electronic commerce and privacy Fault-tolerance, distributed computing, group communication, wide-area communication

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