NESCAI: North East Student Colloquium on Artificial Intelligence

28-29 April 2006, Ithaca, NY

Registration is now closed. Please email the PC if you'd still like to come and haven't registered.

NESCAI (North-East Student Colloquium on Artificial Intelligence) is intended to be a gathering of students interested in Artificial Intelligence from universities located in North-Eastern North America.

The primary purposes of NESCAI are to foster discussion among graduate students from the region, provide graduate students opportunities to present their work and get feedback about it, and to allow networking among the students.

Students wishing to attend are encouraged to submit work of which they are the first author to NESCAI. The submissions will be reviewed by graduate students and may either be accepted for a talk, or as a poster. Students may resubmit work that has been submitted and or published elsewhere. Students attending NESCAI will receive a copy of the submissions on CD but the work will not otherwise be published.

NESCAI '06 be hosted by the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY on 28-29 April, 2006. NESCAI '06 is sponsored by the Intelligent Information Systems Institute and Department of Computer Science at Cornell University.