I am on the job market for positions in both academia and industry!

Matthew Burke

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Cornell University
Department of Computer Science
matthelb [at] cs [dot] cornell [dot] edu

I am a PhD candidate in the Computer Science department at Cornell.

My research interests are in developing abstractions for complex distributed systems that are highly useable by application developers while still meeting application performance requirements. My work in this area spans the “distributed stack” from multi-core and intra-datacenter systems to globally distributed systems. I am particularly interested in the opportunities posed by evolving application demands and emerging hardware.

Currently, I am a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley with Professor Natacha Crooks in the Data Systems and Foundations Group and the SkyLab. Concurrently, I am advised by Professor Lorenzo Alvisi as a member of the Theory Meets Practice group at Cornell. As an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California, I was lucky to be advised by Professor Wyatt Lloyd as a member of the Networked Systems Laboratory.


(Oct. '22) I am on the job market for positions in both academia and industry!
(Aug. '22) Morty was accepted to EuroSys'23!
(Aug. '21) PRISM, RSS, and Basil were accepted to SOSP'21!


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My research has been made possible through collaborations with several incredible mentors and mentees (affiliation at time of most recent collaboration shown in parentheses).



Other Interests

I spend much of my free time playing and coaching ultimate frisbee. Recently, I have taken to learning and practicing music production. I also enjoy hiking, camping, and backpacking, especially in the deserts of southwestern North America.