CV of Failures

A summary of my non-accomplishments.

Update: Danielle Braff wrote a nice NY Times article about academic rejection and used my CV of Failures as an example!

If you haven’t heard of Failure CVs, take a look at Melanie Stefan’s Nature article, this NY Times article, or Princeton professor Johannes Haushofer’s (edit: now at the National University of Singapore). I think it’s a nice way to remain grounded and to acknowledge the fact that rejections are a normal part of academic life that we don’t often present, especially online. In the spirit of these articles (and inspired by my recent NDSEG Fellowship rejection), here’s my CV of Failures, which I’ll continue to update over time along with my regular CV:

Kiran's CV of Failures
Kiran Tomlinson
Kiran Tomlinson
PhD Candidate, Computer Science

I’m a Computer Science PhD candidate at Cornell University advised by Jon Kleinberg, researching social choice and preference learning.