Starting Fall'21, I will be a Ph.D. student in the computer science department at Cornell University.

Currently, I am working on software-defined networking as a software engineer at Microsoft. Previously, I was an undergraduate student at BITS Pilani, India.

My research interest is to build correct, reliable, and secure software systems. To this end, I like to apply techniques from programming languages and formal methods to distributed and networked systems with a focus on security.

Tracing back the history of programming languages theory and formal logic has several times blown up my mind about the great pattern observation capabilities of the human mind and brought into question, "what remains unseen?". This thought fuels up my research quest, first a human and then as a computer scientist.

Primary Research Interests: Secondary Scientific Interests:

Next to my primary research interests, I'm also deeply interested in some of the applications of
"CS+X", where X ∈ {Cognitive Neuroscience, Physics}.