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François Guimbretière
Curriculum Vitae
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Cornell University
Information Science Department
241 Gates Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Email: <first_name>
Tel: 607 2556711

Office hours: Fri  10:00 to 12:00. You can also check my availability here.
Virtual Office hours will be held using Zoom.


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. (A. Clarke's third law)

HCI Design Studio (INFO 4420)  
Introduction to Rapid Prototyping and Physical Computing (INFO 4320)  
HCI Design Studio (INFO 4420)  
Introduction to Rapid Prototyping and Physical Computing (INFO 4320)  
Introduction to Rapid Prototyping and Physical Computing (INFO 4320)
Introduction to Rapid Prototyping and Physical Computing (INFO 4320)  
HCI Design Studio (INFO 4420)  



PhD Students   


Mose Sakashita
Huaishu Peng (Now Faculty at UMD College Park)
Dongwook Yoon (Now Faculty at UBC Vancouvert)
Nicholas Chen (Graduated, now a post-doc at MSR Cambridge)
Hyunyoung Song (Working at Google)
Chunyuan Liao (Graduated, now at FXPal)


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People, paper and computers

New interaction techniques

Data analysis tools and information visualization



Toward a more reflective 3D modeling.

5DOF 3D printing

Huaishu Peng, Rundong Wu, Steve Marschner, and Francois Guimbretiere. On-The-Fly Print: Incremental Printing While Modeling. Proceedings of CHI 2016, (video).

Rundong Wu, Huaishu Peng†, François Guimbretiere, and Steve Marschner. Printing arbitrary meshes with a 5DOF wireframe printer. ACM Trans. Graph., 2016. 35(4): p. 101:1 – 101:9.

Huaishu Peng, François Guimbretière, Jim McCann, and Scott Hudson. A 3D Printer for Interactive Electromagnetic Devices. Proceedings of UIST'16, pp. 553 – 562.



Stefanie Mueller, Sangha Im, Serafima Gurevich, Alexander Teibrich, Lisa Pfisterer, Francois Guimbretiere, and Patrick Baudisch. WirePrint: 3D printed previews for fast prototyping. Proceedings of UIST 2014, pp. 273 –  280, (video)



Huaishu Peng, Amit Zoran, and Francois Guimbretiere. D-Coil: A Hands-on Approach to Digital 3D Models Design. Proceedings of CHI 2015, pp. 1807 – 1815, (video)

People, Paper and Computers
Bridging the Paper-Computer gap.


This work was supported in part by Microsoft Research.

Dongwook Yoon, Nicholas Chen and François Guimbretière. TextTearing: opening white space for digital ink annotation. Proceedings of UIST 2013, pp. 107 – 112, (video)

Dongwook Yoon, Nicholas Chen, Francois. Guimbretiere, and Abigail Sellen. RichReview: blending ink, speech, and gesture to support collaborative document review. Proceedings of UIST 2014, pp. 481 –  490, (video)

Dongwook Yoon, Nicholas Chen, Bernie Randles, Amy Cheatle, Corinna E. Loeckenhoff, Steven J. Jackson, Abigail Sellen, and François Guimbretière. RichReview++: Deployment of a Collaborative Multi-modal Annotation System for Instructor Feedback and Peer Discussion. Proceedings of CSCW 2016, pp. 195 – 205.

Ian Arawjo, Dongwook Yoon†, and François Guimbretière. TypeTalker: A Speech Synthesis-Based Multi-Modal Commenting System. Proceedings of CSCW 2017.

Next Generation E-book Readers

This work was supported in part by Microsoft Research.

Nicholas Chen, François Guimbretière, Cassandra Lewis, Maneesh Agrawala. Enhancing Document Navigation Tasks With a Dual-Display Electronic Reader. UIST 2007 demonstration.

Nicholas Chen, François Guimbretière, Morgan Dixon, Cassandra Lewis and Maneesh Agrawala.Navigation Techniques for Dual-Display E-Book Readers. Proceedings of  CHI’08, pp. 1779 - 1788 , (Video).

Build your own GumStix-based prototype.

Ken Hinckley, Morgan Dixon, Raman Sarin, François Guimbretière, and Ravin Balakrishna. Codex: A Dual Screen Tablet Computer. Proceedings of CHI 2009, pp 1933 – 1942 (video).

Nicholas Chen, François Guimbretière, and Abigail Sellen. Designing a Multi-Slate Reading Environment to Support Active Reading Activities. Submitted toTransaction on Computer-Human Interaction (draft).

François Guimbretière, Shenwei Liu, Han Wang, and Rajit Manohar. A System Architecture for Low Power Information Appliances. ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (in press).

PADD: The Paper Augmented Digital Document Infrastructure

François Guimbretière. Paper Augmented Digital Documents. Proceedings of UIST 2003, pp. 51 – 60. (slides)

Kevin Conroy, Dave Levin and François Guimbretière. ProofRite: A Paper-Augmented Word Processor (Unpublished draft, Video)

PapierCraft: A Command System for Interactive Paper.
This work was supported in part by Microsoft Research.

Chunyuan Liao, François Guimbretière and Ken Hinckley. PapierCraft: A Command System for Interactive Paper. Proceedings of UIST’05, pp. 241 – 244. (Video)

Ron B. Yeh, Chunyuan Liao, Scott Klemmer, François Guimbretière, Brian Lee, Boyko Kakaradov, Jeannie Stamberger, and Andreas Paepcke. ButterflyNet: A Mobile Capture and Access System for Field Biology Research. Proceedings of CHI’06, pp. 571 – 580.

Chunyuan Liao François Guimbretière and Corinna Loeckenhoff. Pen-top feedback for paper-based interfaces. Proceedings of UIST’06, pp. 291 - 220.

Chunyuan Liao, François Guimbretière, Richard Anderson, Natalie Linnell, Craig Prince and Valentin Razmov. PaperCP: Exploring the Integration of Physical and Digital Affordances for Active Learning. Proceedings of INTERACT’07, pp 15 - 28.

Chunyuan Liao, François Guimbretière, Ken Hinckley and Jim Hollan. PapierCraft: A Gesture-Based Command System for Interactive Paper. (ACM Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, 14(4), pp 18.1 – 18.27, January 2008.)

Chunyuan Liao and François Guimbretière. Evaluating and Understanding the Usability of A Pen-based Command System for Interactive Paper. ACM Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, In press.

Document Navigation Techniques:
This work was supported in parts by Microsoft Research.

Liyang Sun and François Guimbretière. Flipper: a New Method for Digital Document Navigation. Proceedings of CHI’05 (Extended Abstract), pp. 2001 – 2004.

Nicholas Chen, François Guimbretière, Liyang Sun, Mary Czerwinski, Gian Pangaro, Steven Bathiche. Hardware Support for Navigating Large Digital Document. International Journal of Human Computer Interaction, 25(3), March 2009, pp 199 – 219.


3D Modeling

Capturing Annotations and Edits on 3D prototypes

Hyunyoung Song, François Guimbretière, Hod Lipson and Chang Hu. Capturing Freehand Annotations and Edits on Physical 3D Models. Proceedings of UIST’06, pp 13 - 22, (Video).

Hyunyoung Song, François Guimbretière, Michael A. Ambrose and Carl Lostritto. CubeExplorer: An Evaluation of Interaction Techniques in Architectural Education. Proceedings of INTERACT’07, pp 43 - 56.

Hyunyoung Song, François Guimbretière, Chang Hu, and Hod Lipson. ModelCraft Framework: Capturing Freehand An-notations and Edits to facilitate the Design Process using Digital Pen. Transaction on Human-Computer Interaction 16(3), pp 1 - 33, 2009.

New Interaction Techniques
Toward Better, more Fluid Interfaces.
This work was supported in part by Microsoft Research.

CrossY: Exploring Crossing-Based Interfaces

Apitz, Georg. and François Guimbretière. CrossY: A Crossing-Based Drawing Application. Proceedings of UIST'04, pp. 3 – 12. (Best Paper Award), (Video)

Georg Apitz, François Guimbretière and Shumin Zhai. Foundations for designing and evaluating user interfaces based on the crossing paradigm. Submitted to Transaction on Human-Computer Interaction.

Morgan Dixon, François Guimbretière and Nicholas Chen. Maximizing Efficiency in Crossing-Based Dialog Boxes. Proceedings of  CHI’08, pp 1623 - 1632 .

Georg Apitz, François Guimbretière, and Shumin Zhai. Foundations for designing and evaluating user interfaces based on the crossing paradigm. ACM Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, 17(2), pp 9:1 – 9:42, May 2010.

Stitching and Scriboli: Efficient Pen Interfaces for Tablet PC

Ken Hinckley, Gonzalo Ramos, François Guimbretière, Patrick Baudisch and Marc Smith. Stitching: Pen Gestures that Span Multiple Displays. Proceedings of AVI’04, pp. 23 – 31.

Ken Hinckley, Patrick Baudisch, Gonzalo Ramos and François Guimbretière. Design and Analysis of Delimiters for Selection-Action Pen Gesture Phrases in Scriboli. Proceedings of CHI’05, pp. 453 – 460. Video.

Ken Hinckley, François Guimbretière, Patrick Baudisch, Raman Sarin and Maneesh Agrawala. The Springboard: Multiple Modes in One Spring-loaded Control. Proceedings of CHI’06, pp. 181 – 190.

Ken Hinckley, François Guimbretière, Georg Apitz, Nicholas Chen, and Maneesh Agrawala. Phrasing Techniques for Multi-Stroke Selection Gestures. Proceedings of GI’06, pp. 147 – 154.


Menu Systems

François Guimbretière and Terry Winograd. FlowMenu: Combining Command, Text and Parameter Entry. Procceedings of UIST 2000, pp. 213 – 216, Video

François Guimbretière, Andrew Martin, and Terry Winograd, Benefits of Merging Command Selection and Direct Manipulation. Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, 12(3), pp 460 – 476, 2005.

Nicholas Chen and François Guimbretière. Relative Role of Merging and Two Handed Operation on Command Selection Speed. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 66(10), pp 729 – 740, October 2008.


Interfaces for Kids

Juan Pablo Hourcade, Benjamin B. Bederson, Allison Druin and François Guimbretière. Differences in pointing task performance between preschool children and adults using mice. Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 11(4), pp 357 – 486, 2004.


Data analysis tools and information visualization

ExperiScope: Understanding Interaction Data

François Guimbretière, Morgan Dixon and Ken Hinckley. ExperiScope: An Analysis Tool for Interaction Data. Proceedings of CHI 2007, pp 1333 - 1342. (Video)

TreeJuxtaposer: Comparing (Very) Large Trees

Tamara Munzner, François Guimbretière, Serdar Tasiran, Li Zhang and Yunhong Zhou. TreeJuxtaposer: Scalable Tree Comparison using Focus+Context with Guaranteed Visibility. ACM Transaction on Graphics 22(3), pp. 453 – 462, 2003, Video.

Dmitry Nekrasovski, Adam Bodnar, Joanna McGrenere, François Guimbretière and Tamara Munzner. An Evaluation of Pan & Zoom and Rubber Sheet Navigation with and without an Overview. Proceedings of CHI’06, pp. 11 – 20.


Constellation:Visualization of Linguistic Queries

Tamara Munzner, François Guimbretière and George Robertson. Constellation: A Visualization Tool For Linguistic Queries from MindNet. Proceedings of the 1999 IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization, pp. 132 –135, 154, Video.


New Devices for New Interactions
When Software is not Enough

MultiTouch Pen: Getting More From a Grip

Hyunyoung Song, Hrvoje Benko, François Guimbretière, Shahram Izadi, Xiang Cao, and Ken Hinkley. Grips and Gestures on a Multi-Touch Pen. Proceedings of CHI 2011, pp 1323 – 1332.

PostBrainstorm: A Fully Digital Brainstorming Tool

François Guimbretière, Maureen Stone and Terry Winograd. Fluid Interaction with High-resolution Wall-size Displays. Proceedings of UIST 2001, pp. 21 – 30, (slides, Video, Thesis (Sect 6.2))

The Geometer's Workbench: A New Front-end for Mathematica

François Guimbretière, Terry Winograd and Sha Xin Wei. The Geometer's Workbench: An Experiment in Interacting with a Large, High Resolution Display. (Unpublished draft), Video

Stanford Interactive Mural: A 9 Mpixel, 64dpi, Whiteboard Size Display

Terry Winograd and François Guimbretière. Visual Instruments for an Interactive Mural.  Proceedings of CHI 1999, Extended Abstracts, pp. 234 – 235.

François Guimbretière. Fluid interaction for high-resolution wall-size displays, PhD Thesis, Stanford University. (Defense slides first defense video, second defense video)