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Research highlights

Optimizing stellarators

Advancing magnetic confinement fusion through optimization and hidden symmetries.

Verified numerics

Formally correctness proofs for floating point codes.

Kernel methods

Theory and scalable algorithms for kernel-based function approximation.

Parallel surrogate optimization

Asynchronous parallel algorithms for finding minima fast by fitting functions to surrogate models.

Spectral network analysis

Fast spectral tools for graph structure.

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Teaching highlights

Currently teaching

Numerical Analysis: Linear and Nonlinear Problems (CS 4220/5223 / MATH 4260)

Gates G01. MWF 11:20-12:10.

Fundamentals of numerical linear algebra (linear systems, eigenvalues and SVDs), on which we’ll build iterative methods for nonlinear systems and multivariate optimization. Understanding advantages, disadvantages, and practical limits of numerical methods. Programming required.

SCAN Seminar (CS/MATH 7290)

    Ongoing. M 1:30-2:20.

    The Scientific Computing and Numerics seminar series focuses on various methods in scientific computing, the analysis of convergence properties and computational efficiency, and their adaptation to specific applications.

    Projects (CS [45]999)

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