Software (Version 1.0): Download

Software Downloads from Microsoft Research's website (called VirtualWiFi)
  • MultiNet Binaries: Contains the files required for installing MultiNet. If you will not modify the MultiNet software, this download is sufficient.
  • MultiNet Source Code: Contains all the MultiNet source files. If you are interested in developing software that require MultiNet functionality, you should download the source code.
  • The MultiNet software is described in the following sections:
  • Installing and Uninstalling MultiNet
  • Connecting to Multiple Networks Using MultiNet
  • Our Experience with Different Wireless Cards
  • Building MultiNet from Sources
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Limitations of the MultiNet Software Version 1.0

    The current version of MultiNet does not implement some features. Please keep checking this page for updates. The features not implemented in this release of MultiNet are:
  • Buffering at remote nodes: We have prototyped this feature and presented the results. However, it is not implemented in this release.
  • WEP and 802.1X: The current version of MultiNet does not support networks using WEP or 802.1X.
  • Multiple cards: The kernel implementation of MultiNet supports multiple cards. However, we have not incorporated this suport in the user level code of this release.

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