CrossTeX depends on Python, version 2.6 or later, and Ply. Any system, including Linux, UNIX, Windows, etc., on which you can install these tools should be able to support CrossTeX. Many users have installed and run the software on Macs, various Linux variants, and Windows.

To install CrossTeX, first ensure that you have Python:

$ python -V
Python 2.4.3

If you do not have Python 2.0 or better, you'll need to download and install it..

Also double check that you have installed Ply. On Linux, you may be able to install ply with

$ sudo apt-get install python-ply

Source Install

Then, download the latest CrossTeX distribution, unzip the file, and install it as root. Then see if it worked.

$ wget -O
$ unzip
$ cd crosstex-master
$ sudo make install
$ crosstex --help

If all went well, a list of command line options should be displayed.

Database Install

You will probably want to get a set of databases to use with CrossTeX. While it is perfectly fine to use it with just your own databases, citations become a lot easier when you can refer to just about any published work and know that it will be cited appropriately. To this end, we provide a helper application that will fetch the latest digest of all published articles in computer science that you can refer to later. To do this, download the latest CrossTeX DB generator, unzip the file, and install it as root.

$ wget -O
$ unzip
$ cd crosstex-dbgen-master
$ make xtx && sudo make install

That is it. You can freshen up your database at any time by typing "make xtx && sudo make install"