Interface JifProcedureDecl

All Superinterfaces:
polyglot.ast.ClassMember, java.lang.Cloneable, polyglot.ast.CodeBlock, polyglot.ast.CodeDecl, polyglot.ast.CodeNode, polyglot.util.Copy, polyglot.ast.JL, polyglot.ast.Node, polyglot.ast.NodeOps, polyglot.ast.ProcedureDecl, polyglot.ast.Term
All Known Subinterfaces:
JifConstructorDecl, JifMethodDecl
All Known Implementing Classes:
JifConstructorDecl_c, JifMethodDecl_c

public interface JifProcedureDecl
extends polyglot.ast.ProcedureDecl

An immutable representation of the Jif procedure declaration. It extends the Java procedure declaration with the start label, the return label, and various constraints, including the authority constraint, the caller constraint, and the acts-for constraint.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface polyglot.ast.Term
Method Summary
 java.util.List constraints()
 LabelNode returnLabel()
 LabelNode startLabel()
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flags, formals, name, procedureInstance, throwTypes
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body, body
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codeBody, codeInstance
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acceptCFG, exceptions, exceptions, firstChild, reachable, reachable
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childExpectedType, del, del, dump, error, error, ext, ext, ext, ext, isDisambiguated, isTypeChecked, position, position, visit, visitChild, visitEdge, visitList
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init, node
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addDecls, buildTypes, buildTypesEnter, checkConstants, copy, copy, disambiguate, disambiguateEnter, disambiguateOverride, dump, dump, enterChildScope, enterScope, exceptionCheck, exceptionCheckEnter, prettyPrint, prettyPrint, prettyPrint, throwTypes, translate, typeCheck, typeCheckEnter, typeCheckOverride, visitChildren
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Method Detail


LabelNode startLabel()


LabelNode returnLabel()


java.util.List constraints()