Examples of use

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Examples of use

Here are some examples of the use of non-speech audio cues in AsTeR .

The following rendering rule for itemized lists uses a sound cue to denote an ``audio bullet'', with the sound cue being played before rendering each item of the list. The synchronization provided by play-once ensures that the sound cue for each item in the list is played only after the text from the previous item has been spoken.


An audio highlight is a sound that repeats in the background while text is being spoken. The rendering rule given below audio highlights the abstract in a technical document using the non-speech primitives. The rule locally selects a sound and turns on the non-speech audio. This results in the sound repeating in the background. Since this action of turning on the audio is executed within the block commenced in the rendering rule for the abstract, the sound is automatically turned off once the abstract has been spoken. Further, since the AFL block is an implicit cobegin statement, it terminates only after all speech activity commenced inside the block have been completed -as a consequence the audio highlight is turned off only after the entire abstract has been spoken.


TV Raman
Thu Mar 9 20:10:41 EST 1995