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Next to getting AsTeR to speak, the most important thing is to get it to stop speaking. Audio renderings can be interrupted by executing reader-quit-reading[+]. The listener can then traverse the internal structure by moving the current selection, which represents the current position in the document (e.g., current paragraph), by executing any of the browser commands reader-move-previous, reader-move-next, reader-move-up or reader-move-down.

To orient the user within the document structure, the current selection is summarized by verbalizing a short message of the form ``context is type'', e.g., moving down one level from the top of the equation


AsTeR speaks the message ``left hand side is summation''. The user has the option of either listening to just the current selection (reader-read-current) or listening to the rest of the document (reader-read-rest). c:browse gives a detailed overview of the browser.

TV Raman
Thu Mar 9 20:10:41 EST 1995