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My research focuses on the interface between game and decision theory and computer science, on reasoning about knowledge and uncertainty, and on causality. I've also done work and continue to think actively about security, (fault tolerant) distriuted computing, and modal logic. My work lies at the boundary of a number of fields. I once gave a talk in the economics department at Princeton where I described myself as someone with a Ph.D. in mathematics, who calls himself a computer scientist, and is giving a talk to economists about a subject mainly studied by philosophers. That's probably the best one-sentence description I can give. If you'd like more details, check my

It has pointers to abstracts of all my papers; in many cases, the paper itself is also available. Other details of my activities are in my My work is supported by NSF, ARO, and the Open Philanthropy Foundation.

I typically teach one undergraduate course a year (often CS 2800) and a graduate course, typically one of