L. Paul Chew
Senior Research Associate

Email: chew “at” cs.cornell.edu

Phone: 607-255-9217

Office: 494 Rhodes Hall

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Paul Chew
Computer Science Department
Upson Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

Voronoi/Delaunay Applet
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  • Voronoi/Delaunay Applet: Create a Voronoi diagram or Delaunay triangulation by clicking points. Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulations are among the most widely used data structures in the field of Computational Geometry. Java source-code is available on the applet web page.


My primary interest is the development and analysis of algorithms, particularly those that have practical applications. These practical applications have included placement, motion planning, shape comparison, computer vision, sensing, mesh generation, molecular matching, tools for analyzing/comparing protein shapes, and simulation of combustion. At Cornell, I have participated in research covering diverse application areas from computer vision to civil engineering to computational molecular biology.

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Recent Teaching

Job History

August 1988 - present

Senior Research Associate, Computer Science, Cornell University

September 1981 – June 1988

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics, Dartmouth College


PhD, Computer Sciences, Purdue University
Thesis title: Normal Forms in Term Rewriting Systems
Advisor: Michael J. O'Donnell