Graphics-Vision Seminar (Spring 2023)

Time: Mondays 2:45pm - 3:45pm
Organizers: Bharath Hariharan and Aditya Chetan
Location: Gates 310 and Zoom


Date Topic Presenter
02/06 Learning 3D Shape to Recognize Novel Object Categories Stefan Stojanov
02/13 Unifying Monocular Depth and Motion Segmentation Learning from Unlabeled Videos Yihong Sun
02/20 A Full-Wave Reference Simulation for Computing Surface Reflectance Blaire Yu
02/27 No Seminar (February Break) N/A
03/06 No Seminar (ICCV Deadline) N/A
03/13 Literature review on 3D Reconstruction Gemmechu Hassena
03/20 Fast Editing of Neural SDFs Aditya Chetan
03/27 No Seminar (Ph.D. Visit Days) N/A
04/03 No Seminar (Spring Break) N/A
04/10 Reconstructing translucent thin object using differentiable rendering Xi Deng
04/17 No Seminar N/A
04/24 Learning Optical Flow: Data, Evaluation, and Applications Deqing Sun
05/01 Continuation Methods in Yarn-level Cloth Simulation Caroline Sun
05/08 Neural Lens Modeling Wenqi Xian