Graphics-Vision Seminar (Fall 2021)

Time: Mondays 2:45pm - 3:45pm
Organizers: Noah Snavely and Kai Zhang
Location: Gates 310 and Zoom
Recordings: Here


Date Topic Presenter
09/06 Cancelled for Labor Day
09/13 Shedding Light on 3D Cameras Mohit Gupta
09/20 Geometry Processing with Neural Implicit Fields Guandao Yang
09/27 Optical Simulation of Iridescent Water Droplets Mandy Xia
10/04 Second-Order Approaches for Few-Shot Learning and Beyond Davis Wertheimer
10/11 Fall Break
10/18 Extreme Rotation Estimation and 3D Reconstruction Ruojin Cai
10/25 Beyond Vanilla Finetuning: Approaches to Maximize the Benefits of Pretraining in Computer Vision Bram Wallace
11/01 Evolving Visual Rhythm and Beat Jiatian Sun
11/08 Weavecraft and Beyond: Towards Efficient and Large Steps in Yarn-Level Cloth Simulation Joy Zhang
11/15 Cancelled for CVPR Deadline
11/22 StyleGAN-NADA: CLIP Guided Domain Adaptation of Image Generators Rinon Gal
11/29 TöRF: Time-of-Flight Radiance Fields for Dynamic Scene View Synthesis Aaron Goksalan
12/06 XR Care: Opportunities for extended reality and care Abe, Bharath, Deborah, and Harald
12/13 Ripples in SpaceTime: Self-Supervised Spatio-temporal Event Discovery Utkarsh Mall