CS 6741 FA20

Time: MoWe 1:25PM - 2:40PM
Listing: CS 6741

Instructor: Yoav Artzi


Class Structure

Most meetings will follow this format:

Before the Class

We will all read the paper assigned to each class before the class. Each student will submit a review of the paper on OpenReview. The review must include questions for discussion. The deadline for submitting reviews is 8pm the day before class. The presenting student will prepare a short presentation of the paper, and will also aggregate the discussion questions suggested in the reviews to kick start the discussion in class. The goal of the presentation is to set the ground for the discussion in class. The presentation should assume everyone read the paper, so should include a brief overview of the problem, but instead should focus on the main insights and questions for the discussion. The length of the presentation should be between 15–30 minutes. Please review the guidelines for reading, reviewing, and presenting.

During the Class

The class will start with a presentation of the paper by the presenting student. We will then discuss the paper. Everyone will participate. Our goal is to dissect the paper and develop a deep understanding of the topic.