CS 6741 FA20

Time: MoWe 1:25PM - 2:40PM
Listing: CS 6741

Instructor: Yoav Artzi



How do differences between Ithaca and NYC calendars influence this course? The course follows a hybrid schedule that accommodates both Ithaca and NYC. We will adjust the schedule as needed. If this is a consideration you have in mind while deciding if to take the course, do not worry! We will work on making everything work. “No class” labels are tentative and will be updated as the semester progresses. Please contact the instructor for any questions.

The guidelines provide advice and tips for reading, reviewing, and presenting papers. The selection of papers listed below is tentative.

Some of the links require library access. Please use Cornell Library’s Passkey for off-campus access.

Date Readings Presenter Additional materials
Aug-31 No class    
  Computational Pragmatics Series    
Sep-2 Introduction   Board
RSA intro
Class experiment
RSA introduction video (by Chris Potts)
Sep-7 No class (Labour Day)    
Sep-9 Understanding the Rational Speech Act Model / Yuan et al. 2018 Yoav Board
Goodman and Frank 2016
Monroe et al. 2017
Monroe et al. 2017 video
Colors corpus notebook
Sep-14 Learning from Omission / McDowell and Goodman 2019 Justin  
Sep-16 A Rate-Distortion View of Human Pragmatic Reasoning / Zaslavsky et al. 2020 Travers  
Sep-21 Guest lecture by Robert Hawkins   Communal lexicons
A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs
Why are there descriptive norms? Because we looked for them
Pragmatic reasoning through semantic inference
Sep-23 Learning to Refer Informatively by Amortizing Pragmatic Reasoning / White et al. 2020 Ge  
  Project proposal due on Canvas (Sep 28, 11:59pm)    
Sep-28 No class    
  Language and Cognition Series    
Sep-30 Core Lnowledge / Spelke and Kinzler 2007 Kaelyn NYT interview
Oct-5 Guest lecture by Aida Nematzadeh   Slides
Oct-7 Prećis of the Origin of Concepts / Carey 2011 Ana Slides
Oct-12 No class    
Oct-14 No class    
Oct-19 Learning Simple Spatial Terms: Core and More / Landau 2018 Lingzi Slides
Oct-21 Parents Calibrate Speech to Their Children’s Vocabulary Knowledge / Leung et al. 2020 Khonzoda Slides
Oct-26 Childhood as a Solution to Explore–exploit Tensions / Gopnik 2020 Noriyuki Exploration in RL
Oct-28 Constraints on Word Meaning in Early Language Acquisition / Markman 1994 Max Slides
Nov-2 Conversational Repair and the Acquisition of Language / Clark 2020 Karen Slides
  Recent Work in Language Grounding    
Nov-4 Continual Adaptation for Efficient Machine Communication / Hawkins et al. 2020 Alane  
Nov-9 Which one is the dax? Achieving mutual exclusivity with neural networks / Gulordava et al. 2020 Swati Slides
Nov-11 Vision-and-Dialog Navigation / Thomason et al. 2019 Menglin Slides
Nov-16 No class    
Nov-18 No class    
Nov-23 No class    
Nov-25 No class (Thanksgiving)    
Nov-30 Refer, Reuse, Reduce: Generating Subsequent References in Visual and Conversational Contexts / Takmaz et al. 2020 Magd PhotoBook dataset paper
EMNLP talk
Dec-2 Learning Symmetric Collaborative Dialogue Agents with Dynamic Knowledge Graph Embeddings / He et al. 2017 Junteng Slides
Dec-7 Latent Compositional Representations Improve Systematic Generalization in Grounded Question Answering / Bogin et al. 2020 Valts Long workshop talk
Dec-9 No class    
Dec-14 Project presentations    
Dec-16 Project presentations    
  Project report due on Canvas (Dec 17, 11:59pm)