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See Cornell Chronicle's article on the Robot Learning class. Cornell video.


Ashutosh Saxena

Time and Place

Tue, Thu: 2:55pm to 4:10pm
Place: Hollister B14

How to enroll in 4758: There are two options:
(a) There will be a pre-requisite prelim on the second day of class, and 4758 enrollment is entirely dependent on the score on this pre-requisite prelim regardless of your enrollment status on the studentcenter. Even if you were unable to register on studentcenter, you will be enrolled in the course if you pass the pre-req prelim. (See pre-requisites.)
(b) Send the professor your transcript and resume, and there are few additional seats in 4758 for research students.

How to enroll in CS6758: This section is for PhD or for research students only, and you need a PIN from the instructor to enroll in this section.



This course is for CS and ECE juniors, seniors and PhD students to teach them learning algorithms for robotic applications.

Machine Learning


Large parts of the course teach machine learning and artificial intelligence methods and techniques.

Why do I need this?


In recent years, several off-the-shelf robots have become available and some of them have made their way into our homes, offices, and factories. The ability to program robots has therefore become an important skill; e.g., for robotics research as well as in several companies (such as iRobot, ReThink Robotics, Willow Garage, medical robotics, and others).