Office Hours

No office hours are held during breaks or on the day of the prelim. Office hours end on the last day of classes.

Senior Staff

Senior staff office hours are intended for curiosity (you want to know more about a course topic), mentoring (you want advice on your CS studies), diagnostics (you are struggling with the course and would like to identify strategies for improvement), and so forth.

These hours are not intended for routine assistance on programming assignments, for tutorials on classes you missed, or for issues that consultants and undergrad TAs are equipped to handle.


Consultants are usually on duty Monday-Thursday 4:30-9:30 pm, and Sunday 12:30-9:30 pm. The official schedule can be found in the Google calendar below.

Consultants will group questions into two queues: one for conceptual questions (laptops closed), one for coding questions (laptops open). The conceptual queue will receive higher priority and greater service. The purpose of that is to encourage you to reformulate coding questions as conceptual questions: getting the consultant to debug your code doesn’t contribute much to your learning, but asking conceptual questions that improve your own ability to debug will pay rich dividends.