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Sponsors' Award Winners

The Sponsors' Award recipient(s) are selected by our Sponsors. The criteria for these awards are quite broad, and include novelty, execution (quality of engineering, performance, difficulty), presentation, and usefulness, especially social benefits.

"Where's the BOOM" Award

The "Where's the BOOM" award is judged by faculty from the Computer Science Department. The BOOM of "Where's the BOOM" means "Brains on our Machines", and it focuses on the computing aspects of the project (software algorithms, software engineering). Criteria for the "Where's the BOOM" award include novelty, elegance, simplicity, and appropriateness of algorithms, and overall software engineering. To be eligible for this award, the presenter must have displayed a brief (50 words or less) description of the computing aspects of the project, clearly labeled "Where's the BOOM".

People's Choice Award

The People's Choice Award recipient is selected by the attendees according to whatever criteria each attendee sees fit to use.


2010 BOOM Awards

Cisco Pioneer Award ($500): Pocketpedia

  • Tommy Cusick
  • Advisors: Geri Gay, Stephen Purpura

Citi Creativity Award ($250): ScheduleSync

  • Joseph Dao, Raghavendar Chandrasekaran, Tianyou Li, Minnie Gong, Michael Wilson, Hedy Deng
  • Advisor: Bill Arms (CS 5150)

Goldman Sachs Award ($250): Green Bytes and Ram: Educational Outreach for the NSF Expeditions in Computing Grant on Computational Sustainability

  • Sonam Dalal, Sherwin Li, Ran Wei, Sam Dannemiller, Ryan de Haas, Ethan Benanav
  • Advisor: David Schneider

Most Googley Project Award ($250): Spoken Language Identification

  • Christina Brandt, Raghavendar Chandrasekaran, Jacob Bank, Jun hui Erh
  • Advisor: Thorsten Joachims (CS 4780)

Lockheed Martin Innovation Award ($250): MRF Approach to 3D Reconstruction

  • Andrew Owens
  • Advisors: Noah Snavely, David Crandall, and Dan Huttenlocher

Morgan Stanley IDEAS Award ($250): Project Vertex

  • Cooper Findley, Michael Wilson, Stephen Tseou, Ethan Benanav, Moqian Chen
  • Advisor: Walker White

Yahoo Excellence Award ($250): Emotion Classification and Data Mining on Social Networking Sites

  • Justin Prieto, Sujith Vidanapathirana
  • Advisors: Stephen Purpura, John Pollak, Claire Cardie, and Jeff Hancock

“Where’s the BOOM (Brains On Our Machines)?” Award ($500): Monopoly Strategy Research Group (MonStR)

  • Thomas Byuen, German Gutierrez Gallardo
  • Advisors: Eric Friedman and Shane Henderson

People’s Choice Award ($500): Cornell Minesweeper

  • Garrett Bernstein, Christopher Ames, Katie lee Meusling, Steven Liu, Cameron Salzberger, Justin Churchill
  • Advisors: Ephraim Garcia and William Philpot

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