Accepted Papers

Tetsuya Sato. Identifying All Preorders on the Subdistribution Monad
Azalea Raad, Philippa Gardner, Adam Wright and Mark Wheelhouse. Abstract Local Reasoning for Concurrent Libraries: Mind the Gap
Giulio Manzonetto and Domenico Ruoppolo. Relational Graph Models, Taylor Expansion and Extensionality
Jiri Adámek, Stefan Milius, Robert Myers and Henning Urbat. On Continuous Nondeterminism and State Minimality
Mathys Rennela. Towards a Quantum Domain Theory: Order-Enrichment and Fixpoints in W*-Algebras
Jean Goubault-Larrecq and Achim Jung. QRB, QFS, and the Probabilistic Powerdomain
Liang-Ting Chen and Achim Jung. On a Categorical Framework for Coalgebraic Modal Logic
Simon Castellan, Jonathan Hayman, Glynn Winskel and Marc Lasson. Strategies as Concurrent Processes
Maciej Piróg and Jeremy Gibbons. The Coinductive Resumption Monad
Stephen Brookes. On Grainless Footprint Semantics for Shared-Memory Programs
Robin Cockett and Pieter Hofstra. The Total Maps of Turing Categories
Dariusz Biernacki and Sergue├» Lenglet. Applicative Bisimilarities for Call-by-Name and Call-by-Value λμ-Calculus
Radu Mardare, Bingtian Xue, Kim Guldstrand Larsen and Samy Jaziri. Adequacy and Complete Axiomatization for Timed Modal Logic
Dexter Kozen, Radu Mardare and Prakash Panangaden. A Metric Analog of Stone Duality for Markov Processes
Danel Ahman and Tarmo Uustalu. Coalgebraic Update Lenses
Marc Lasson. Canonicity of Groupoid Laws using Parametricity Theory