Noam Zilberstein


Dec ’23

Our paper on Outcome Separation Logic was accepted to appear at OOPSLA 2024

Sep ’23

I’m organizing a POPL workshop on Formal Methods for Incorrectness with Azalea Raad. If you work on incorrectness, please consider submitting a talk!

May ’23

This June I will be visiting the Programming Principles, Logic, and Verification Group at UCL

May ’23

I will be attending the Iris Workshop at MPI-SWS to talk about my work on Outcome Separation Logic

Dec ’22

My paper on Outcome Logic with Derek Dreyer and Alexandra Silva was conditionally accepted to OOPSLA 2023

Dec ’21

I was selected to participate in this year’s POPL Student Research Competition

Nov ’21

My paper on formal verification work that I did at Facebook has been accepted to CPP

Nov ’21

I will be speaking at the Facebook Testing and Verification Symposium next month

Sep ’21

After 6 years, I am leaving Facebook to start my PhD at Cornell University