Matvey Soloviev
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Matvey Soloviev

324 Gates Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853


About me

I'm a third-year (as of Spring 2016) PhD student in the Computer Science field. I am grateful to be advised by Joseph Halpern. Before coming to Cornell, I obtained a BA in Computer Science and an MMath (Part III) from the University of Cambridge.

My primary research interests lie in complexity theory, logic and program security, but I maintain a working interest in category theory and combinatorial geometry.


  • Aleks Kissinger and Alex Merry and Matvey Soloviev. Pattern Graph Rewrite Systems. arXiv:1204.6695 [math.CT]. In EPTCS 143.5 for DCM 2012.
  • Yuka Kihara, Matvey Soloviev, Tsuhan Chen. In the Shadows, Shape Priors Shine: Using Occlusion to Improve Multi-Region Segmentation. arXiv:1606.04590 [cs.CV]. In IEEE CVPR 2016.
  • Matvey Soloviev, Joseph Y. Halpern. Information Acquisition Under Resource Limitations in a Noisy Environment. In AAAI-18. Full paper.
  • Dexter Kozen and Matvey Soloviev. Coalgebraic Tools for Randomness-Conserving Protocols. arXiv:1807.02735 [cs.LO]. In submission to RAMiCS 2018.