Matvey Soloviev
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Matvey Soloviev

324 Gates Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853


About me

I'm a third-year (as of Spring 2016) PhD student in the Computer Science field. I am grateful to be advised by Joseph Halpern. Before coming to Cornell, I obtained a BA in Computer Science and an MMath (Part III) from the University of Cambridge.

My primary research interests lie at the intersection of logic, classical AI and program security as well as game theory. I maintain a working interest in other areas of mathematics and computer science theory, such as algorithm design and category theory.


  • Seunghee Han, Matvey Soloviev and Yuwen Wang. The Impact of Tribalism on Social Welfare. arXiv:1907.06862 [cs.GT]. Accepted to SAGT 2019.
  • Dexter Kozen and Matvey Soloviev. Coalgebraic Tools for Randomness-Conserving Protocols. arXiv:1807.02735 [cs.LO]. In RAMiCS 2018.
  • Matvey Soloviev, Joseph Y. Halpern. Information Acquisition Under Resource Limitations in a Noisy Environment. In AAAI-18. Full paper.
  • Yuka Kihara, Matvey Soloviev, Tsuhan Chen. In the Shadows, Shape Priors Shine: Using Occlusion to Improve Multi-Region Segmentation. arXiv:1606.04590 [cs.CV]. In IEEE CVPR 2016.
  • Aleks Kissinger and Alex Merry and Matvey Soloviev. Pattern Graph Rewrite Systems. arXiv:1204.6695 [math.CT]. In EPTCS 143.5 for DCM 2012.