Before Cornell, I was at the University of Cambridge (Trinity College) where I completed my Bachelors and Masters (Part III of the Tripos) in Mathematics. I spent the latter half of my life in the UK, but have also lived in France, South Africa, India and the US.

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  • I will be visiting Stanford, hosted by Surya Ganguli during summer 2016.

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In the 16th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation
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Abstract. Team performance is a ubiquitous area of inquiry in the social sciences, and it motivates the problem of team selection -- choosing the members of a team for maximum performance. Influential work of Hong and Page has argued that testing individuals in isolation and then assembling the highest-scoring ones into a team is not an effective method for team selection. For a broad class of performance measures, based on the expected maximum of random variables representing individual candidates, we show that tests directly measuring individual performance are indeed ineffective, but that a more subtle family of tests used in isolation can provide a constant-factor approximation for team performance. These new tests measure the 'potential' of individuals, in a precise sense, rather than performance; to our knowledge they represent the first time that individual tests have been shown to produce near-optimal teams for a non-trivial team performance measure. We also show families of subdmodular and supermodular team performance functions for which no test applied to individuals can produce near-optimal teams, and discuss implications for submodular maximization via hill-climbing.

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