Lucian Leahu
PhD Candidate
Computer Science Department
Cornell University
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I am a PhD candidate in computer science at Cornell. In my research I integrate design and technical construction of interactive systems with socio-cultural understandings of human action and technology-in-use. In my PhD thesis I explore the relationship between technical innovation and the way people think about themselves and their experiences; specifically, I examine this relationship in the context of sensor-based statistical inference in ubiquitous computing and affective interactive systems. I am a member of the Culturally Embedded Computing group (CEmCom) led by the phenomenal Phoebe Sengers. Currently I am funded by an Intel PhD fellowship.
Adressing Fluidity through Mixed Technical-Design Practices.
Lucian Leahu. UbiComp DC 2009 [pdf]

Rethinking the Role of Representation in HCI.

Lucian Leahu. CSCW DC 2008 [pdf]

Interactionist AI and the promise of ubicomp, or,
how to put your box in the world without putting the world in your box.

Lucian Leahu, Phoebe Sengers and Michael Mateas. UbiComp 2008 [pdf]

Subjective Objectivity: Negotiating Emotional Meaning.
Lucian Leahu, Steve Schwenk and Phoebe Sengers. DIS 2008 [pdf]

Taming the Situationist Beast.
Lucian Leahu, Jenn Thom-Santelli, Claudia Pederson and Phoebe Sengers. DIS 2008 [pdf]

Uptake of Situationism Considered Harmful.
Lucian Leahu, Claudia Pederson, Jenn Thom-Santelli, Pavel Dmitriev and Phoebe Sengers. alt.CHI 2007 [pdf]

Papers from my previous research life:
The Power of Semidefinite Programming Relaxations for MAX-SAT.
Carla Gomes, Willem-Jan van Hoeve and Lucian Leahu. CP - AI - OR 2006 [pdf]

LP as Global Search Heuristic Across Different Constrainedness Regions.
Lucian Leahu and Carla Gomes. CP 2005 Doctoral Program [pdf]

Quality of LP-based Approximations for Highly Combinatorial Problems.
Lucian Leahu and Carla Gomes. CP 2004 [pdf]
Upson Hall 5151
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853