Laure Thompson

Cornell University

440 Gates Hall

laurejt [at] cs [dot] cornell [dot] edu

I am a PhD student in Computer Science at Cornell University. My research interests are in the areas of natural language processing and digital humanities.

My advisor is David Mimno.

I am a recipient of a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and Cornell University Fellowship.

I am interested in the areas of natural language processing and digital humanties. In particular, I am interested in building and applying NLP technologies to the area of classical archaeology. In the past, I have worked in the areas of programming languages and security.

Research Projects


Analyzing the Oracles of Delphi
Currently, David Mimno and I are studying the oracles of Delphi using a data-driven approach.


Deciding NetKAT Efficiently with Derivatives
I worked with Nate Foster, Dexter Kozen, Matthew Milano, and Alexandra Silva on improving the decision theory of NetKAT, a programming language for networks. In particular, we developed the coalgebraic theory for NetKAT in order to develop an efficient decision procedure. This allowed us to build a competitive network verification tool from NetKAT.

I worked directly with Michael Ernst on Daikon, a dynamic invariant detector, which uses machine learning to determine likely program invariants. I primarily worked with Chicory, Daikon's Java frontend, which creates traces for Java program executions. In my project, I enhanced Chicory so that it could accommodate pure methods with arguments.

A Coalgebraic Decision Procedure for NetKAT.
Nate Foster, Dexter Kozen, Matthew Milano, Alexandra Silva, and Laure Thompson.
42nd ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL), January 2015.

Teaching Assistantships

Cornell University

System Security (CS 5430): Spring 2015, instructor Michael Clarkson

University of Washington

Introduction to Compiler Construction (CSE401): Winter 2013, instructor: Michael Ringenburg

Software Design and Implementation (CSE331): Winter 2012, instructor: Hal Perkins

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