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Jack Hessel

PhD Student, Cornell University

contact: "jhessel@" + ".".join(["cs", "cornell", "edu"])

CV (as of 6/2017).

If you're looking for me, I look something like this (facial hair subject to change):


Things I'm Doing (6/2017)

I am a third year PhD student, and I am lucky to be advised by Lillian Lee. I work on on projects with David Mimno as well. I am most interested in finding new settings to apply machine learning in people-centered datasets, both to investigate human behavior and to create new tools. This means that I work with text, images, social networks, and more! I am currently doing an internship on Facebook's core data science team as of Summer 2017.

Conference Papers

Workshop Papers and Other Projects

Things I've Helped Teach

  1. INFO/CS 4300 Language and Information, Cornell University, SP 2016
  2. CS4786 Machine Learning for Data Science, Cornell University, SP 2015 for which I recieved an outstanding TA award!
  3. CS4620 Introduction to Computer Graphics, Cornell University, FA 2014
  4. Introduction to Computer Science/Graph Theory, Carleton College, FA 2011


  1. Program Committees: ACL 2016, 2017; EMNLP 2017; EACL 2017
  2. Two guest lectures (and one "magic" trick) for Spring 2016/2017 CS4300 about my favorite machine learning algorithm: the truncated SVD!
  3. Spoke at Carleton College's Networks Reading Group where I discussed the role of altruism on Kickstarter.
  4. Spring Cornell CS4740 Guest Lecture on Topic Models with Xanda Schofield
  5. Helped with Cornell's annual Expand Your Horizions conference, were some friends and I taught a class on programming (2015, 2016)

Things I've Done

I grew up in beautiful Portola Valley, California. I earned a B.A. from Carleton College in 2014, studying computer science and mathematics/statistics. During my time in Northfield, I played ice hockey, hosted a radio show, and was lucky enough to meet and work with a lot of great people. I'm a die hard San Jose Sharks fan, avid consumer (and very occasionally a producer) of electronic music, and a vegetarian (I am no longer a vegan!). I am a member of Stewart Little Coop. I spent the summer of 2016 working with the Twitter Cortex team in NYC.