RGB-D: Advanced Reasoning with Depth Cameras

in conjunction with RSS 2014

RGB-D 2014 is a full-day workshop to be held in conjunction with the Robotics Science and Systems (RSS) conference 2014, in Berkeley, July 12, 2014. We seek to bring together ongoing research efforts on RGB-D cameras in robotics as well as contributions from related fields such as computer vision, graphics and machine learning.

The recent advances in RGB-D sensors, such as Kinect, have been transforming robotics research and applications. There have been a large number of research efforts in algorithms and application of RGB-D perception for enabling robots to operate in unstructured real-world environments. Some of the key challenges in this direction are to understand humans and their environments, which is key for robots to operate and perform various tasks in human environments. Our workshop welcomes high-quality work on all topics related to robotics and RGB-D. We will particularly promote and encourage contributions in the direction of applying RGB-D perception to understand human environments and activities, which enable robots to perform various tasks such as detection, navigation, manipulation and observation in human environments.

Contact Information

For general information, please contact:

Hema Koppula
Cornell University
hema at cs.cornell.edu


Hema Koppula
Cornell University

John Leonard

Ashutosh Saxena
Cornell University

Jianxiong Xiao
Princeton University