I'm a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science department at Cornell University. I previously attended Brown University, where I graduated in 2013 with an Sc.B. with Honors in Computer Science. My research interests include distributed systems, fault-tolerance, IoT, and data privacy. My advisor is Ken Birman.

I help out the CS department in various ways. Currently, I hold the appointed positions of Quotes Czar, Picnic Czar, and Systems Lunch Czar. I also created the department quotes page and organize SIGSEGV, a fun non-serious conference for graduate students.

You can download my complete CV here, if you want to see the details of anything summarized on this website.


My research projects often involve creating open-source code. If you're looking for the code for a project I've worked on, you can find links to it here.

I have also worked on a few side projects that involve writing code, and I try to make them open-source as well.


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Edward Tremel, Ken Birman, Márk Jelasity, and Robert Kleinberg. “Anonymous Data Collection for the Smart Grid.” In 2016 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, Boston, MA, July 2016. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/PESGM.2016.7741058

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In July and August 2019, I taught the summer edition of Cornell's Operating Systems class, CS4410.

In addition, I enhanced my teaching skills by taking ALS 6015: Teaching in Higher Education during the Spring 2017 semester.

I have been a teaching assistant for the following classes at Cornell:

While at Brown, I was a teaching assistant for these classes: I did significant course development work for CS 195n during the summer of 2012. Most of the materials I created and tested for this course are still being used in its current iterations.


Microsoft Research: Summer 2018. Research intern on the Azure Sphere team, working with Phil Eade. Cambridge, UK.

Microsoft Research: Summer 2017. Research intern in the Sensors and Devices Group, working under Ken Woodberry. Cambridge, UK.

Microsoft: Summer 2013. Software engineer on the Active Directory team. Redmond, WA.

Amazon: Summer 2012. Software engineer on the Fast Retail URL team. Seattle, WA.

Cisco: Summer 2011. Software engineer in the Telepresence Exchange business unit. San Jose, CA.