Theodoros (Theo) Damoulas

Research Associate

M.Eng (1st Class), MSc (Distinction), PhD

surname [at]


Institute for Computational Sustainability

Department of Computer Science

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Upson Hall, Office 5160A

+1 607 255 8681


I will be joining NYU CUSP and NYU-Poly in September as a Research Assistant Professor.

Together with Edwin Bonilla, Thomas Dietterich and Andreas Krause we are organizing a NIPS 2013 workshop on “Machine Learning for Sustainability”.

Together with Tom Dietterich, Edith Law and Serge Belongie we organized a NIPS 2012 workshop on “Human Computation for Science and Computational Sustainability”.

I recently received the 2012 Classification Society Distinguished Dissertation Award for my PhD thesis and I gave a talk at CMU.

I am serving on the Senior Program Committee (SPC) for IJCAI 2013 and on the PC for AAAI 2013.

Painting by Lena Spania

I am a Research Associate at Cornell University and a member of the Institute for Computational Sustainability. I am involved in the Cornell initiative, led by Prof. Carla P. Gomes, to define and advance the field of Computational Sustainability.

I am a Machine Learning researcher with interests in statistical machine learning, probabilistic modeling, Bayesian inference and kernel methods. Before coming to Cornell I was a member of the Inference Research Group led by Prof. Mark A. Girolami and a “nephew” of the Information Retrieval Group led by Prof. Keith van RIjsbergen. Before that I was in Edinburgh studying Artificial Intelligence and before that in Manchester studying Mechanical Engineering and in Switzerland (Paul Scherrer Institut) employing CFD to model nuclear reactors under pressurized thermal shocks. I come from the beautiful city of Thessaloniki in Greece where I was born in 1981.

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I have moved to NYU! - my new email is surname [at]