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*Name in publications below indicates a Master’s student working under my supervision.

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and Research,

Front Cover

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Front Cover [Impact Factor: 14.472]

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Publicity: [Nature, Scientific American, Smithsonian, dailymail,

Woods Hole Research Center, HPCwire]

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IAAI Deployed Application Award

eBird: A Human-Computer Learning Network for Biodiversity Conservation and Research

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Best Paper Award

Bayesian Classification of Flight Calls with a novel Dynamic Time Warping Kernel.

9th International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications, Washington, IEEE ICMLA 2010.

[Extended Technical Report] [Matlab Codes] [Data]

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[Matlab Codes]

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C. He, T. Damoulas and M. A. Girolami {US Patent}

Self - Service Terminals.

US Patent 7,942,315

T. Damoulas

Classification Society Distinguished Dissertation Award

Probabilistic Multiple Kernel Learning. PhD Thesis, University of Glasgow, 2009.

Advisor: Prof. Mark. A. Girolami

Committee: Prof. Guido Sanguinetti (External), Prof. Paul Siebert (Internal), Prof. Joemon Jose (Convenor).

[Website][Note: Thesis is not available due to Embargo/Commercial Interests]

T. Damoulas and M. A. Girolami

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[5-year Impact Factor: 6.911]

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T. Damoulas

Evolving a Sense of Valency. MSc Thesis (Distinction), University of Edinburgh, 2005.

Advisor: Dr. Gillian Hayes.


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Valency for Adaptive Homeostatic Agents: Relating Evolution and Learning.

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Commercial Reports

Inferring Sparse Kernel Combinations and Relevance Vectors.

NCR Internal Report, Rev. B. No. 010, April 2009.

Feature Selection of Diverse Signals for Hierarchical Bayesian Kernel Machine.

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Learning Curve Investigation for Multinomial Probit Classifier.

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Bayesian Covariate Ranking via Markov chain Monte Carlo on generalized linear regression models.

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