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My head reconstruction

Surface reconstruction of my head from a graphics scanner. Here is the raw data. Thanks Hurf Sheldon for helping me scan my head without cutting it off.

Starting this fall, I will be joining the faculty of Computer Science Department at Columbia University. This webpage has been outdated. If your browser doesn't automatically redirect within a few seconds, you way want to click my new webpage.

Hello, this is Changxi Zheng's web page. I'm a PhD student in the department of Computer Science at Cornell University. Before that, I received a bachelor degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University in China, and then spent some time at Microsoft Research Asia.

My research interests focus on computer graphics and scientific computing. I'm especially interested in developing fast and robust algorithms for computer animations and physically based simulations. Under the expert advice of my advisor Doug James, I'm currently working on physically based sound rendering for computer graphics. I'm also interested in Applied Math as my minor. John Guckenheimer is my minor advisor.
Besides that, I'm also interested in robotics and network systems. My previous work had been in peer-to-peer networks, distributed multimedia streaming and internet rounting algorithms.


» I have two papers conditionally accepted to SIGGRAPH 2012. Those papers will come out soon. Please feel free to contact me for an updated C.V..
» The paper "Learning to Place New Objects in a Scene" has been accepted to the International Journal of Robotics Research.
» The paper "Learning to Place New Objects" will appear in the 2012 IEEE Intl. Conference on Robotics and Automation.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."    -- Albert Einstein

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