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Here I keep releasing some of my research code and utilities under the GNU GPL or LGPL license. For the research code of a particular project, you may find them in the corresponding project page in my publication list. Most utilities and code here have been tested and used in multiple projects; therefore, they are relatively more stable. However, bug-free code is not guaranteed. If you find any bugs, please let me know.

Tetrahedra Generation

This utility implements the paper [Labelle and Shewchuk 2007] to generate the tetrahedral mesh from an input triangle mesh. The generated tetrahedral mesh can be used in finite element analysis or modal analysis.

Note: the input triangle mesh has to be a single closed manifold, otherwise the code will terminate or crash.




Building on Linux and Mac OSX using both gcc and intel's compiler has been tested. Please see the INSTALL file in the source directory for building details

Required Packages:

  • CMake is used to compile the code
  • Boost Libraries 1.33 or later
  • OpenMP libraries (Optional). OpenMP has been supported by most of the mainstream compilers. Use it for better performance on multiple-core processors

Parallel Job Dispatcher on Clusters

Using the master-slave mode, this utility dispatches parallel jobs to a group of clusters. It runs on the master node (e.g. your desktop), and executes commands remotely on slave nodes through SSH, therefore, no extra software needs to be installed remotely. When the program is running, it opens an light-weight http server to enable the control of job dispatching (i.e. add jobs, enable/disable cluster nodes, monitor the job progress, log error messages). It is particularly suitable for running a large number of computationally expensive jobs in parallel on remote clusters.

This code is written in Python, and has been tested on Linux, Windows 7 and Mac OSX.



Required Packages:

  • CherryPy (v3.0+) to provide light-weight http server
  • Cheetah (v2.01+) for web page generation
  • paramiko (v1.76+) to provide SSH command execution
  • matplotlib (v0.99+) for chart generation

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