Jeff Chadwick

Jeff Chadwick

About me

I am a former student of Cornell's Computer Science department. I received my PhD in 2013 and am currently working at the D. E. Shaw group. Prior to coming to Cornell in 2007, I obtained my Bachelor of Mathematics majoring in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, in Waterloo, ON, Canada.

Work Experience

I have spent several terms interning at various companies as part of the University of Waterloo's cooperative education program. My first two work terms (Winter and Fall, 2004 - 8 months total) were spent as a Software Developer at Open Text Corporation. My position at Open Text primarily involved developing web-based interfaces for the search tools in Livelink - a software package for enterprise content management.

I also spent 12 months (Winter and Fall, 2006, and Summer, 2007) working as a developer at Side Effects Software, Inc. developing features in Houdini - a 3D animation package used in the film industry. This primarily involved development of a physics-based fluid simulator and other related tools.

Research Interests

Broadly speaking, my research interests lie in the areas of scientific computing and computer graphics. I am particularly interested in efficient algorithms for physics simulation and their application to areas such as physically based sound synthesis and surgical simulation. I am also interested in more general topics in scientific computing, including numerical linear algebra and numerical techniques for solving partial differential equations. My adviser is Doug James and I also work with David Bindel.


Jeffrey N. Chadwick, Changxi Zheng and Doug L. James, Faster Acceleration Noise for Multibody Animations using Precomputed Soundbanks, ACM/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, July 2012

Project Page | PDF
Jeffrey N. Chadwick, Changxi Zheng and Doug L. James, Precomputed Acceleration Noise for Improved Rigid-Body Sound, ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2012 Conference Proceedings), August 2012

Project Page | PDF | Video (YouTube)
Jeffrey N. Chadwick and Doug L. James, Animating Fire with Sound, ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2011 Conference Proceedings), August 2011

Project Page | PDF | NewScientist article and video | Video (YouTube)
Jeffrey N. Chadwick, Steven S. An, and Doug L. James, Harmonic Shells: A Practical Nonlinear Sound Model for Near-Rigid Thin Shells, ACM Transactions on Graphics, Volume 28, Issue 5 (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009 Conference Proceedings), December 2009

Project Page | PDF | NewScientist video (YouTube) | Video (YouTube)


Other Interests

  • My hobbies include playing piano, guitar and saxophone. I play keyboard and bass guitar for "Bad Cat", an Ithaca-area blues/classic rock band.
  • I also occasionally write and record my own music. Click here to hear some (very old) recordings.
  • In addition to skating with the Cornell CS hockey team, I also play in the Ithaca adult hockey league.