Robert Surton

I used to be named Robert Burgess.
I married my high school sweetheart, Elizabeth.

I am a native Portlander.
New York was great for school,
but now we're moving back to Powell's.

I am a teacher
and a computer scientist.
I have worked as a consultant.

Capoeira me chamou.

I play berimbau,
various African percussion,
and flute.
I have played at the Schnitz.

I am a compulsive actor.
I have written a couple of plays.

I am an Eagle Scout.
I am a long-haired freaky person.
Be excellent to each other.
Party on, dudes.

I speak English fluently,
enough French and Spanish to get by in a strange town,
and enough Portuguese to get by in Capoeira.

Want to talk?