I am a teacher.

In April, I will help lead a workshop as part of Expanding Your Horizons, in which we will give middle school girls a fun introduction to programming.

I am currently teaching a six-week course on Unix Tools and Scripting. I am creating lectures and homeworks to bring up a new generation of computer scientists in the philosophy of small tools that do one thing well.

While a TA for Operating Systems, I also taught the parallel practicum course, for which I created my own lectures and a challenging semester-long filesystem project.

I taught a six-week Introduction to C course, in which I created tutorial-based lectures and homeworks with a focus on practical programming issues such as threading, networking, and debugging tools. I felt strongly about this course, because I believe that, of all common languages, C provides students the best feel for how computers work.

Once upon a time, I was a summer volunteer at OMSI, in which I gave science demonstrations to the general public, such as explaining how satellites can orbit by continuously falling. Our shirts said “Ask Me”—which was a great way to engage the visitors, who frequently approached us to ask, “Ask you what?”.