Basic information

CS 6210, Fall 2009
Time: MWF 11:15-12:05
Location: Phillips 307

Course description

CS 6210 is a graduate-level introduction to numerical linear algebra. Topics include:

We will spend approximately seven weeks on background, linear systems, and least squares (chapters 1--5 in Golub and Van Loan), and another seven weeks on eigenvalue problems and iterative methods (chapters 7--10). The midterm will fall at the halfway point.

Instructor and office hours

David Bindel
5137 Upson Hall
Phone: 607-255-4428

Office hours are Tues and Weds, 2-3 pm, or by appointment. Or drop in if the door is wide open.


Matrix Computations (3e) by Golub and Van Loan is required. You may also want to look at Numerical Linear Algebra by Trefethen and Bau and Applied Numerical Linear Algebra by Demmel.


Graded work will be weighted as follows:

Homework will be assigned in lecture roughly every other week, and will be due before the next assignment. The assignments will involve both MATLAB programming and more theoretical exercises.

You may talk to each other about the homework, but:

  1. Your final write-up and code should be your own.
  2. If you got a good idea from someone else, provide attribution. If you and a friend figure out the idea of a solution together, you can mutually cite each other.

Emergency procedures

In the event of a major campus emergency like an H1N1 flu outbreak, course requirements, deadlines, and grading percentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated by a revised semester calendar or other circumstances. Any such announcements will be posted to the course home page.