detection and long term tracking of moving objects in aerial video 

Walter Bell (
Pedro Felzenszwalb (
Dan Huttenlocher (

March 26th, 1999


This example shows some results of the tracking system. For more examples, refer to the paper. This example show multiple cars being detected and tracked for long periods of time. Each target is surrounded with either a green box, or a yellow box, with its unique identifier in the lower right corner. If the target was found at that frame, the box is green, and the edges of the model overlay the target's location. If the box is yellow, the target could not be matched, and the target's position is being predicted by its previous motion.

A tree lined roadway. A lone car travels down an obstructed roadway at high speed. This sequence has significant camera motion between frames, which makes accurate background estimation essential. The car is acquired at frame 206, and just a few frames later at frame 211, the initial model has expanded to the complete car. The car proceeds in and out of several tree obstructed areas, and is picked up after each one as the same target. Note that object 3 is incorrectly identified as a moving object, and is tracked for a few frames before being lost.

pred1c045.ppm.cut.ppm.gamma.jpg (6029 bytes)
Frame 45

pred1c076.ppm.cut.ppm.gamma.jpg (6764 bytes)
Frame 76

pred1c102.ppm.cut.ppm.gamma.jpg (7451 bytes)
Frame 102

pred1c123.ppm.cut.ppm.gamma.jpg (6970 bytes)
Frame 123

pred1c152.ppm.cut.ppm.gamma.jpg (6610 bytes)
Frame 152
pred1c159.ppm.cut.ppm.gamma.jpg (5964 bytes)
Frame 159
pred1c173.ppm.cut.ppm.gamma.jpg (6577 bytes)
Frame 173
pred1c180.ppm.cut.ppm.gamma.jpg (6704 bytes)
Frame 180
pred1c204.ppm.cut.ppm.gamma.jpg (6699 bytes)
Frame 204
pred1c253.ppm.cut.ppm.gamma.jpg (9567 bytes)
Frame 253
pred1c298.ppm.cut.ppm.gamma.jpg (7125 bytes)
Frame 298
pred1c313.ppm.cut.ppm.gamma.jpg (6712 bytes)
Frame 313

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