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Dan Huttenlocher
Ramin Zabih

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David Crandall
Amy Gale
Xiangyang Lan
Ashish Raj

Walter Bell
Yuri Boykov
Pedro Felzenszwalb
Nick Howe

Vera Kettnaker
Junhwan Kim

Vladimir Kolmogorov
Hao Kung
Anurag Mittal

Alexandre Saverin
Olga Veksler

CSRVL alumni

Projects Energy Minimization via Graph Cuts
Example Imagery
Software Library

Recognition, Image Matching and Image Databases
Object Recognition using the Hausdorff Distance
Performance Modeling for Target Recognition
Spatially Coherent Matching and Bayesian Recognition
Flexible Object Recognition

Motion, Stereo and Segmentation
Image Segmentation using Local Variation
Markov Random Fields with Efficient Approximations
Model Based Motion Tracking
Contextual Recognition and Tracking

Machine Vision Applications
Aerial Video Surveillance and Monitoring
Model Based Tracking in Quasi-Real Time
Detection and Long Term Tracking of Moving Objects in Aerial Video
DigiPaper Document Image Compression

Automatic Detection of Rendering Errors
Semi-automated Analysis of MR Imagery
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