• U-Net Alpha Release 0.9 for Windows NT 4.0. Here are the links to the software and release notes, but beware that the documentation is not really what is should be...

    There is more recent work on the NT driver, but its not well tested, hence not directly usable. Work is continuing, but at a slow pace. Check out the Intel/Microsoft/Compaq VI Architecture for an alternate option: it's basically an evolution of U-Net.

  • U-Net Release 2.0 for Unix from MDW's UCB site
  • Older U-Net Release 2.0 for Unix, 10-March-1996 at Cornell.
    • Download the software distribution: unet-2.tar.gz .
    • Release Documentation:
    • This release supports the Linux/DC21140, Linux/PCA-200, SunOS/SBA-200, and Solaris/SBA-200 systems mentioned above and is fairly flexible and easy to install (some may point out, unlike the previous release). Please send mail to Matt Welsh for questions or problems about this release.

  • The earlier U-Net alpha Release 0.9 for Unix is still available in unet-0-9.tar.gz. There is little or no reason to use this release, except that it includes U-Net Active Messages 1.1 and a different implementation of libunet.

Thorsten von Eicken


Last updated: 11/25/96.

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