S. Keshav


Work address 4107 B Upson Hall, Department of Computer Science,
Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853
Work telephone (607) 255 5395
Fax (607) 255 4428


Teaching During Fall '98, I'm teaching  CS 519, Engineering Computer Networks.
Research My recent work focusses on Internet-telephony integration, network performance management and topology-aware algorithms. For details, look up the C/NRG home page.
Papers and Patents A link to my book: An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking.
Simulation I have been distributing the REAL packet-level simulator since 1989. It has been installed at over 1500 sites. I no longer support REAL--my research focus has moved to Entrapid, now a product from Ensim Corp.
Talks  A pointer to some recent talks.
Students PhD students:  Cristi Estan, Snorri Gylfason, Lili Qiu, Jia Wang, Yin Zhang, Yu Zhang, and (jointly with Prof. Eva Tardos) Thanasis Kyparlis.

MEng students:

Undergraduates: Haye Chen, Walter Chang, David Gutierrez, and Leo Ku.

Resume FYI

A note to prospective graduate students:

I receive a number of requests for information about my research group and about Cornell from propective graduate students. While I appreciate your having taken the time to write to me, please realize that admission decisions are made by a central committee, and individual faculty members do not have the power to admit students. If you are admitted, and choose to come to Cornell next Fall, I look forward to meeting with you and discussing mutual research interests. For more information on graduate admission to Cornell, please see http://www.cs.cornell.edu/gradstudies.html. I regret that due to pressures of time,  I will not reply to email regarding graduate admission.

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