Recent Talks

Some Open Issues in Traffic Management, DIMACS Workshop on Network Algorithms and Architecture, Jan. 26th 1997
Routing vs. Switching  Panel presentation at IEEE INFOCOM'97, April 10th 1997
Also presented at a panel in OPENSIG Fall '97
SMART Retransmission: Concepts and Performance   IEEE INFOCOM'97, April 11th 1997
Environments for Active Networks Intel Active Networks Forum, August 1st 1997
Traffic Management: Concepts, Issues and Challenges ACM SIGCOMM '97 tutorial (Powerpoint only)
Active SNMP Presentation at OPENSIG Fall '97 (Powerpoint only)
Whats hot in networking? Talk at Bell Labs, Holmdel, December 19th, 1997
Network Performance Management Systems Research Seminar, Cornell, March 5th 1998
Access technologies IthacaNet conference, March 21st, 1998