Volumetric Fabric Data from Micro CT Scans

Cornell Volume Cloth Project

Rendering Code

The current version of our rendering system (7zip, 5mb) is based on Mitsuba Physically-based Renderer v0.4.4.

Please refer to Mitsuba's official document on how to compile and execute it under various operating systems.

Note: Our implementation (including a number of customized medium and volume data source classes) is NOT well documented at the point.
We plan to release a cleaner version in the future.


All renderings in our ACM SIGGRAPH 2012 paper 'Structure-aware Synthesis for Predictive Woven Fabric Appearance' have been created using this exemplar database (7zip, 313mb) including 8 micro CT scans represented in Mitsuba's VOL format (see the document on GridVolume plugin for more details).

In addition, the data contains two example scenes (under /render) corresponding to Figure 13ab in the paper:

pattern4 pattern5

Note: Rendering those scenes requires several giga-bytes of memory and a significant amount of computation.

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