Precomputed Acceleration Noise for Improved Rigid-Body Sound


Jeffrey N. Chadwick, Changxi Zheng, and Doug L. James

We introduce an efficient method for synthesizing acceleration noise - sound produced when an object experiences abrupt rigid-body acceleration due to collisions or other contact events. We approach this in two main steps. First, we estimate continuous contact force profiles from rigid-body impulses using a simple model based on Hertz contact theory. Next, we compute solutions to the acoustic wave equation due to short acceleration pulses in each rigid-body degree of freedom. We introduce an efficient representation for these solutions - Precomputed Acceleration Noise - which allows us to accurately estimate sound due to arbitrary rigid-body accelerations. We find that the addition of acceleration noise significantly complements the standard modal sound algorithm, especially for small objects.

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Jeffrey N. Chadwick, Changxi Zheng and Doug L. James, Precomputed Acceleration Noise for Improved Rigid-Body Sound, ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2012), 31(4), August, 2012 (TeX)

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The National Science Foundation (HCC-0905506)
The Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada
The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
Intel (ISTC-VC)
Vision Research

This research was conducted in conjunction with the Intel Science and Technology Center for Visual Computing.