SVMlight & SVMstruct


Author: Thorsten Joachims <>
Cornell University
Department of Computer Science

Developed at:
University of Dortmund, Informatik, AI-Unit
Collaborative Research Center on 'Complexity Reduction in Multivariate Data' (SFB475)

Date: 25. July, 2013

How do I compile on a Windows PC?

How do I compile on Mac OSX?

How do I compile on a PowerMac using Code Warrior?

How do I integrate SVMlight into C++ code?

Is there an option for doing multi-class classification?

Is there an option for doing cross-validation?

How can I output the dual variables at the solution?

How can I get the weight vector of the hyperplane for a linear SVM?

What is the format of the learned model file?

How can I implement my own Kernel?

Error messages and known problems:

The program hangs when ...

Convergence during learning is very slow!

It does not converge!

It crashes!

The results look bogus!

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